Monday, April 29, 2013

Collection Update: Tiny Dishes

If you know me, you know I have a weakness for all things tiny - especially small bowls and dishes. In fact, I have a whole collection of them. A collection I added to last weekend when I went shopping with my brother and his girlfriend. Emilie and I went our own way while the guys looked at crossbows and fishing gear at Bass Pro Shop - the first place we looked into was a cute little shop full of Asian dishes and toys. I was trying to resist all the tiny finger bowls until I saw these:
Tiny dishes + bunnies? Sold.
The pastels are so pretty! I particularly love the swirl of colour around the pedestal "foot" of each bowl. And really, you can never have too many bowls or too many bunnies! Now I just need to add these to my daily rotation so that Pat can't complain that I don't use any of my dishes. Haha!

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Kate said...

Oh my those are darling! I wouldn't be able to resist them either!