Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Challenge: 31 Skirts

I mentioned earlier that I had a couple projects up my sleeve for March. Well, here's the first one!

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of skirts & dresses. I have a bunch in my closet, but they didn't get worn much last year. Then, when I was buying some socks, I grabbed a pair of knee-highs by mistake. I didn't think I'd like them.... boy, was I ever wrong! Soon, I had many more pairs of knee-high socks & a couple pairs of thigh-high ones too. I wear them
all. the. time. I love them over tights: plain socks over patterned tights, patterned socks over plain tights, or plain socks & tights with a patterned skirt.

Needless to say, I've been having some fun trying out different combinations & wearing all my skirts & dresses that have been neglected. Here's a sample of a few looks from February:
One thing this photo montage revealed to me is that I don't wear enough colour! Of course, everything is a bit more muted than in real life - that plaid skirt is a pretty purple & those teal tights are brighter than they look in the 3rd photo. Plus, my coat is bright orange so I tend to keep things more neutral underneath.

Anyway, I thought a challenge was in order. Why not wear a skirt (or dress) every day for an entire month?

I've already been doing so for pretty much 2 months already, except I usually stick to track pants when I'm just bumming around the apartment, looking for a job. I do find I'm more productive if I actually get dressed though... so, win-win! I get to wear all my skirts more often & end up working harder & completing a fun challenge at the same time!

I'll post updates on my challenge weekly, with photos of each outfit (I just have to take photos of the first 4... I wrote down what I wore but didn't feel like breaking out my tripod). For now, here's what I'm wearing today: I soon changed my shirt & socks for our meeting at the bank, but this is what I started out in. I love my thigh-high socks!


Angie said...

Nice challenge!! It should be a lot of fun. Not for me though - skirts in a hospital, not so handy lol.

Sarah said...

The knee-socks-over-tights look is cute! I bought a few pairs of striped knee socks and thigh-highs from the Sock Dreams website awhile ago and LOVE them, especially the striped thigh-highs. I always say/wish I wore skirts more often -- maybe this will inspire me!

Amanda said...

Agreed - I just feel more fun in socks+tights!

I hope it does Sarah!

Kate said...

Cute! I love your challenge idea. I never wear pants on my days off but that is mostly because I gained too much weight to fit into any...haha!

Amanda said...

Great excuse to wear more dresses - and just one plus of gaining weight! (I've come up with many to justify not exercising or eating right haha)

Lizzie Barbie said...

I love skirts and dresses ! Haven't worn them much either. I really like the outfit on the second picture and I love the pic where you are laughing and the socks are super cool. I love thigh high socks! I crochet them. I should wear a skirt for my bday tomorrow! And take a picture.

Lily said...

Cute! Love these plaid skirts!