Saturday, July 24, 2010


The first pictures I have to show you are "proof" that we went on a trip out West in the first place. My sister-in-law wanted some more souvenir-like photos of the kids at all the border signs. Unfortunately, not all the provincial borders have noticeable signs.... so we only managed one good one driving there & one good one driving back.
First up: Manitoba. After over 12 hours of driving, we were finally out of Ontario. The kids lined up under the sign with their Nana & Papa (my sister-in-law's parents) ... and Uncle John (for some reason). Give us your best "gangsta" pose now guys:
We didn't see a sign for Saskatchewan & it was dark when we reached Alberta (plus, Pat & I split from everyone else in Regina, since we headed South to Calgary & they went on to Edmonton), so that was it for the trip out West.
On our way back home, we spotted this border sign almost right away:
Here's a good shot of my older brother Matt, his wife Terri-Anne & the kids:
I think we may have seen another sign after this one, but we didn't bother stopping again. Still, these 2 shots make a great souvenir!

More photos (maybe of some scenery) tomorrow!

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