Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five

Well, I can't let it be all trip, all the time around here. You must be tired of seeing pictures of Western Canada. No?

I hope not actually, because I have lots more to show - and the best still to come! But first, here's what I was up to this week:
  1. After being gone so long, I needed to catch up on some baking. There's just nothing quite as good as homemade cookies, right? I made muffins (banana topped with blackberries) on Monday & cookies (oatmeal pecan chocolate chip) on Tuesday. They're all gone now of course.
  2. Everyone has been on vacation at some point recently - so there's been a lot of catching up at work. Not only with people, but with actual work too. I need to make a decision on my PhD position soon ... I hate making decisions.
  3. I picked up a new book right before I left - Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. I grabbed some cheap watercolour paints & started going through some of the techniques & prompts. It's been a lot of fun!
  4. I've been slowly updating some things online. The recipe section on my website. Item titles in my paper shop. The blog layout. Fun, fun!
  5. I've been trying to list something new every day this week. Here's a favourite from each shop:

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Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

That book sounds neat - have to check it out! Love your new listings!