Saturday, July 17, 2010

Collections: Coffee Table Books

I love all kinds of books but especially beautifully illustrated coffee table books. I have a small collection of these treasured volumes & love flipping through them for inspiration. Since each of these books deserves its own blog post, I figured I wouldn't lump them all together like I usually do for my collections posts. Keep an eye out for future installments!

The first book I want to show you showcases the life work of one of my favourite artists, Charley Harper (I've talked about him before).
Charley Harper - An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham
Even the inside covers display his vibrant artwork. Inside, there are pictures of the author too:
The book is broken into sections, starting with an interview with the artist, various books & magazines he illustrated, advertising, mosaics, paintings & posters:
The author, Todd Oldham, tried to compile as much of Charley Harper's work as he could - but even the artist himself didn't know where all of it may be.
I think my favourite section is the Giant Golden Book of Biology:
But the distinctive birds are spectacular too:
I was particularly awed by the murals:
Many of the advertisements & magazine illustrations were very recognizable (& beautiful):
One of the best parts is getting to see preliminary sketches of complete paintings & works in progress:
Really, this book is awesome. Each time I pick it up, I see something I hadn't noticed before. Charley Harper's work is truly inspiring.

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