Saturday, July 10, 2010

Collections: My Bird Wall

I know I've mentioned my "bird wall" time & again - I guess it's about time I show you exactly what I mean by that...


This wall is directly to the left of my craft desk - you can see my sewing machine (covered in pink) & a bunch of papers in the folder-things on the left-hand side of my desk. I love looking at this wall for inspiration.

Let's have a closer look, shall we? Starting from the top-left & moving clock-wise:
Piece of Cake by DearDodo (encaustic!)

Merrymaker by NaturalHistorie (free with purchase of a card)

Hanging beside Sylvia is this cheery ornament by jessicajane & a felt heart by lilfishstudio.

Excerpt #222 by greenstarstudio - this frame also supports a felt heart by lilfishstudio & a cute bird by kwilson544.

Hanging from that gorgeous spotted dove are 2 clay ornaments by myramelinda - one with a little house & this "dream" one.

A cute bird tag by misseskwittys

And last but not least, a gorgeous vintage tag - sent to me by someone from Etsy... unfortunately, I can't remember who.

Right in the middle of all those is a lovely photograph of a hummingbird by Pix4Kix - sorry there's no close-up for this one, there was too much glare from the glass. Click that link instead if you'd like to see it.

Do you have a collection of pictures taking up a wall in your home? I'd love to see it - leave a link in the comments!


Unknown said...

I love your bird wall! I don't have a collection like this, but love the idea.

sheara121 said...

it is a great idea :) i like the second from the last, it reminds me of the style i'm creating for my son's room

donnarose said...

lovely birds amanda