Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moraine Lake

I have 65 "good" pictures from Moraine Lake.
They're all on Flickr now, but I'll take a couple days to show them all to you here.
No better time than the weekend, while I'm away on another mini-vacation. (It's a long weekend so I went home.)
More on that when I get back though, first: Moraine Lake.
The most beautiful lake I have ever seen. And that's no hyperbole.
The blue-green of the water was incredible. I know it would have been even more breathtaking if the weather had been nicer.
Still, we had a great time & got some great pictures. Here are a few mosaics to prove my point:
It was chilly - I was glad to have my hat, scarf & sweatshirt.
These logs had accumulated at the mouth of a stream, right beside the main lakeside observation "deck".
Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures of the surrounding area - there were some great hiking trails I wish we had time to explore.

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Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

How BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen such a blue lake. I need to get out more. haha.