Thursday, April 29, 2010

MSOE April Challenge: Henrietta Leavitt

So earlier this month I introduced you to Henrietta Leavitt. Here's the link if you missed it. She was the theme for the MSOE team April challenge & I made an ACEO. In fact, I made the second ACEO in my newly named "Women in Science" ACEO series. Check out the series on my website, here.

As with the first brainy lady in the series, I chose to model Henrietta after her most recognizable photograph. Here's a side-by-side comparison - can you tell which is the original photo?
I'm particularly pleased with how her face turned out. I think the likeness is pretty good - perhaps with a touch less longing & sadness though?
I made her with patterned paper because I love the subtle texture it adds. The background of the ACEO is a couple of graphs I found of her work. The back is covered with a print-out of a photographic plate similar to one Henrietta analyzed in her lifetime.
I'm working on adding to this series (as well as my Klimt goddess series), so keep an eye on my shop, they disappear quickly!

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