Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter with the Family

As you know, I went home for Easter. I had a great time - great food, awesome company, lots of laughs. Oh & some sore muscles from Wii Just Dance. And lucky us! We saw the Easter bunny! Pat was driving me home Saturday night (we had been visiting his family in town) & we saw a little brown bunny run across the road near my parents' place. Luckily, unlike 2 years ago at Easter, we didn't hit him!
I made up a basket for each of the kids again this year - peeps, chocolate, a fun exercise book & a "surprise ball." I've made these a number of times now & the kids LOVE them! I'll have to write up a tutorial on how to make them but basically you just wrap a plastic egg with streamers, hiding little toys within the layers. Here's what I hid in them this year:This is one of the eggs I wrapped in the multi-coloured streamers: Fun! Lucky for me, many of the packages came in packs of 4:
Here they are unraveling them - Eddy is finally getting the hang of them. They make a big colourful mess afterwards! This year, the big hit was mini water guns I found at the dollar store - they very quickly ran outside with a big bowl of water. It didn't take long before Dustin dumped the whole thing on his sister. Don't worry, we quickly refilled it for her & encouraged her to get back at her mean older brother.

As my mom has done every year since I can remember, she hid eggs throughout the house. Of course, my niece & nephews are the hunters these days. Eddy is 3 & at that perfect age for the holidays - he was squealing with joy every 5 seconds, with every egg he spotted & tossed in his basket. He was adorable!
You know me - I never seem to remember to take out the camera when I'm at home. So here's what I have. I also took some video to get Eddy's squealing & then my batteries died. So not too many pictures.
Obviously, they were quite excited! I hope your Easter was as sweet as ours!


LiPeony said...

those baskets look fantastic and the hiding of goodies in the wrappings is awesome! Glad you had a terrific time =)

Angie said...

You're such a good auntie spoiling those lucky kids :)