Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Five

I had a busy week - I spent most of my time reading & researching, reading & writing my paper. It's due Monday & I'm about 1/2 done. Guess what I'm doing this weekend? Here's what else I did this week:
  1. Pat & I came home Sunday, but had the rental car until Tuesday afternoon. We did groceries, went to storage & Michael's with it. Plus, I got a ride to & from the dentist (it was pouring rain). I ♥ my driver.
  2. Dentist on Wednesday. Ugh. 3 cavities on the top right - and apparently one was bad since he drilled out most of the tooth (although at first the hygienist had said we might only "watch" these instead of filling them...). It was a LONG time with my jaw hanging on the floor... I find it funny that I'm fine when I have no dental coverage in the fall, but in the spring, there are all these cavities! Plus, my mouth is only sore after he does his poking & drilling... Oh well. I'd rather a filling over a pulled tooth (or root canal).
  3. Friday I attended the presentations by the biopharm students I TA'ed - each group had to come up with & complete an independent project (lab experiment).
  4. I updated my blog. New background - elongated the banner - rearranged the sidebar. What do you think? I also went & added in a banner in my sewing shop: I'm ashamed it went so long without one! You can find my original cross-stitch piece in that shop now too.
  5. I listed this edgy industrial necklace:
Have a great weekend!

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Busy, busy, busy! WATCH THOSE SWEETS!