Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

Here's what I was up to this week:
  1. finished my paper & handed it in on Monday. I heard back from my prof already - I didn't get a mark back, but my feedback was good.
  2. Thursday, I had 2 consents for fat samples - I got both samples, but they were lung instead of fat. The consent forms were quite clear ... but apparently no one reads those. Ugh. Waste.
  3. I got my hair trimmed on Thursday. And I received this new shirt by rainbowswirlz (love it!).
  4. I made a few custom orders: a necklace to match another one in my shop & a notebook for a friend. It's been so long since I've sewn together a notebook - I'd forgotten how fun they were!
  5. We're going car hunting again this weekend. Pat's booked some test drive appointments, so keep your fingers crossed that we actually find something!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

1.) I LOVE my book! Thank You!
2.) Hair looks great! Did you lose weight?
3.) Yeah on you paper feedback!
4.) That shirt rocks!

Deana Mattos said...

the t is almost as cute as you :)