Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've talked about the MMG thread before, but it's been awhile. Our thread creator, Dorana, started up a new contest yesterday & the thread is just hopping! We had over 30 sales yesterday alone! So I thought now would be a good time to reintroduce MMG to any of you who may not know what it is (plus I get points in the contest - shameless, I know).

What's a thread? A thread is basically a long ongoing conversation. Members of the community (in this case, Etsy) can post comments on the thread, talking with one another or promoting their shops.

Where can we find it? In the Etsy forums. The forums are basically just the collection of all the threads, organized into basic categories. Since MMG is a BnR thread, it is about buying, selling & promoting, so it goes in the Promotions section. The thread changes regularly because it gets so long, but you can always find it by searching "More Meaningful Gifts" while in the forums.

BnR? Buy and Replace. This is the "point" of the thread. Buy from a shop on the list & your shop replaces them. Then you're in the running for someone else to buy from you!

Of course, the MMG thread has become more than just a promotion thread - it is truly a conversation. We have become a community, close friends. We buy from each other, we often send each other gifts, we give each other advice, we celebrate together, we mourn together, we encourage each other... Many of us find the MMG thread our home away from home, the MMGers our family.

So, if you want to come check us out - CLICK HERE! You don't have to buy anything if you don't want, you can just come & chat (let us know how you got there too!). We're always looking for new friends! See you there!

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