Thursday, April 1, 2010

Collections: Rabbit Figurines

I've seen a number of different bloggers doing a collections type series / blog post. While I don't have enough collections to make a whole series on it, I do collect quite a few things... so I thought I'd show you some of them. Of course, being Bunny Week, what better place to start than with my rabbit figurines?
First up is a little guy you saw yesterday - and the rabbit that started my collection. My mom gave it to me one Easter. I love the soft "fur" & sweet smile.

The next 2 I bought off Etsy from BlossomHill:
Here's Zoe munching on some lettuce.
Along comes Chloe to share her snack.

This little rabbit is vintage & also off Etsy (sorry, I couldn't find which shop). I love the crazing on her creamy coat.

Finally, my favourite one. Also a gift from my mom. He stands just over 9" tall, next to my desk. I love his rustic charm.
What you aren't seeing: a beautiful handmade bunny that I broke... *sob* And a few more vintage & handmade ones I recently bought off Etsy. I'll show you when they come in!

What do you collect?

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