Friday, July 17, 2009

What I've been working on...

My shop has been pretty devoid of new items lately, but I promise I haven't been slacking (well, any more than usual anyway). I've been stocking up for my craft show (Sept 12) & working on some custom order. Want to see?

*note: lots of photos ahead. Turn back now if you answered no!

First I want to show you some custom pieces I've been working on. This is a necklace I made for a waitress. She saw me wearing a similar one (in blues, greens & yellow) and asked me to make her one in topaz colours. She really liked it. I was lucky enough to have enough beads left over for a second necklace - a little shorter, this one won't wrap around your neck twice.I have a really sweet neighbor who has bought jewelry from me before. She asked me to make a notebook for her niece. Here a picture of the front & back covers:The back is a canvas board so she can paint whatever she wants. The pages are 8x10 and a mix of blank & coloured papers (& a few lined/graph pages). I sewed the notebook together last night, and added her name on the front. I just have to finish the inside covers (more pictures to come).

While we're on notebooks, here's an accordion one I've been working on. These are only the envelope pages inside, I've yet to work on the cover. This will be the first page you see when you open it up: Here's the accordion open. I love making these notebooks - I add in enough elements so that the book looks finished, but leave everything blank so you can personalize it yourself. There are metal frames & photo corners for pictures, and each page is an envelope, so there are pockets to store more pictures or special mementos.These make a really great gift. You can (or have your child) fill it with anecdotes, pictures & drawings, stories & sweet nothings... I filled one for my mom for Mother's Day - she loved it! I can see this one taken away to Asia for a trip & filled with memories.

I've also been working on more paper globes. I think these will look awesome hanging around my booth.
I'm also making them in a smaller size:I've also been stocking up on jewelry. Here's just a small peek at some of my more recent creations:A choker-length beaded necklace - I adore the colours of these beads. Reminds me of summer sea breezes (not that I've ever been to the sea...).These earrings look like candy - made with vintage twisted beads & sterling silver leverbacks.A black gold amazonite stone pendant. I wanted to try some (very) simple wire-wrapping... but I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with how this turned out. I feel it's missing something... What do you think?
And finally, last but not least, something new! Beaded bookmarks! I've been using the yellow/orange one & love it! I only have these 4 though... do you think I should I buy more supplies to make more for my craftshow?

Alright - that's it for now! Thanks for looking!

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H20works said...

You have been a busy bee! Don't worry, I wasn't the one calling you a slacker. hehehe

Seriously tho, everything looks great Amanda! Nice job, and yes, make some more bookmarks, they're beautiful!