Thursday, July 2, 2009

MSOE June Challenge: Rosalind Franklin

The challenge for my Mad Scientist's (MSOE) team this last month was Rosalind Franklin. She was a renown x-ray crystallographer whose work was critical in the discovery of the structure of DNA. Unfortunately, she died of ovarian cancer (probably caused by the x-ray technology she worked with) before she could be rewarded with a Nobel Prize.I decided to make an ACEO in her image to celebrate and remember her important contributions to the field of biology. And since I love the style of my Klimt goddess ACEOs so much, I copied that for this one.Each piece of paper is cut out & glued by hand. I tried to mimic the pose from one of her most famous photographs - right down to the pearl necklace! The background I used was a copy of the original x-ray crystallography photo Franklin took of DNA (you can even see some writing with her name at the bottom edge of the ACEO).Lucky for me, sweet Rosalind has already sold! She's going to find a new home with Adeona, the goddess of journeys (ACEO) I made for the MSOE cartography challenge!

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LiPeony said...

awesome aceo... the tale of Rosalind Franklin... sigh... I'm very glad you made such an awesome ACEO of her! =D