Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Little Garden

I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned how I started growing some herbs this summer - basil, cilantro & parsley. My three favourite & most-used herbs. It's going to be wonderful having fresh ones available! Here's what my garden looked like last week:I was pleased - look at the third set of leaves starting to grow!When I went to check on them this week - I really noticed a difference, especially in the basil.Large (ok, small), healthy basil leaves. I want to try one with a fresh tomato. It's probably a bit soon to be plucking the leaves off though...The parsley & cilantro are doing less well, but still hanging in there. The plants that remained in the terrarium showed the most improvement though:Again, the basil is doing exceptionally well.I'll be cooking with it in no time! And hopefully the small pots & terrarium will do well indoors come winter time.

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HeartOnSleeveArt said...

you should try lemon basil! i use it all the time now! its growing great in the wet florida weather! and i have some dill too that is so great to have on hand when i make greek food!