Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cool Site: Mosaic Maker

1. Women in Laos, 2. small and simple, 3. underneath a star, 4. Jones Soda Bottles, 5. I can see you running through the fields of sorrow, 6. Dançarina Samba/Jazz - Praça do Papa, 7. silly love songs, 8. Fields of Gold, 9. Double A trees

Mosaic Maker is a cool site that takes Flickr links (or any links to photos) & displays them in a mosaic. You can choose your layout, background & border colours and number of photos to display. 1. Chocolate Cupcakes, 2. Strawberry-Balsamic Chocolates, 3. Hot Chocolate, 4. Double Chocolate Cheesecake

It's a great way to display a bunch of photos, and the site gives you the html for listing the links afterwards so you don't have to do that yourself, one by one.

I like to make a game of it. I choose a few words, and then pick one picture that appears on the first page of Flickr when I search each word. The first mosaic up top was compiled using "S" words: sweet, simple, shocking, soda, sorrow, samba, silly, silver & start. The second mosaic is dedicated to chocolate.

If you have some spare time, why don't you make up your own mosaic? Be sure to post it to Flickr or your blog and send me a link!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Amanda!

Angie said...

that's such a cool link! I think I may just utilize it this weekend lol :)

Heather said...

Amazing! I will definitely be using this! Thanks!

Chrisy said...

Thanks honey for this link...I knew it existed but never got round to have favourited it now!