Saturday, July 11, 2009

ACEO-X Reminder

Just a little reminder - the deadline for signing up to ACEO-X is this Sunday. Don't miss out on the fun!

Here are the rules again:

1. Create an ORIGINAL ACEO by Friday, July 24th. Be willing to send it world-wide to your partner by Monday July 27th (which means you have the weekend for packaging & mailing off - not that your partner has to have it by this date. When you get your ACEO will depend on the post).

2. The deadline to sign up is Sunday July 12. On this day, I'll randomize the partners & email you the name, shop & mailing address of your partner. I'll also send any preferences your partner may have for their ACEO. Please keep your partner's identity a secret!

3. To sign up: send me your name, Etsy shop name (if you have one), email address & mailing address via Etsy convo or email (

4. You ACEO must be the standard 2.5" x 3.5" size, but otherwise let your creativity run wild. It must be an original art card (no prints!)! Please make sure to include the title of your piece, your name, the date & ACEO-X (version 1.0) on the back of the card (or on an additional piece of paper).

5. Take a picture of the ACEO you made & send it to me by Friday July 24. This way, I can be sure everyone is getting their surprise. I'll blog all these photos so you can all drool & wonder which is going to be yours!

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