Friday, July 3, 2009

ACEO-X - an Art Card Swap

After only a little bit of discussion on the More Meaningful Gifts BnR, I've decided to host an ACEO exchange - ACEO-X (version 1.0)! Anyone who's interested can participate, but you have to be committed to make an ACEO & mail it off to your swap partner within the deadline!

First - what is an ACEO? ACEO stands for "art cards, editions & originals". You may also see them labeled as "ATC" or "art trading cards". Basically, the only rule for these mini pieces of art is that they be the same size as standard playing / baseball cards: 2.5" x 3.5". Otherwise, the sky's the limit - you can use pretty much any technique you want! Knit or sew one together, make one out of clay, paper mache or collage...For this swap, I was undecided whether to make it so everyone signed up makes one ACEO for a partner, or that everyone made everyone else an ACEO. While the second option would be a lot of fun & a great way to build our ACEO collections, I think it's a little too time consuming for my very first swap.


1. Make sure you can create an ACEO by Friday July 24th and are willing to send it to your partner world-wide by Monday July 27th at the latest. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU AREN'T PLANNING ON SENDING AN ACEO!

2. The deadline to sign up is Sunday July 12. On this day, I'll randomize the partners & let you know who you're sending your ACEO to. You won't know who you're getting yours from though! This gives you 2 weeks to create (plus an extra weekend to package it up & ship it off).

3. To sign up: send me your name, Etsy shop name (if you have one), email address & mailing address. Send it to me via convo or email me at - use "ACEO swap" as the subject line.

4. Your ACEO must be the standard 2.5 x 3.5" size but otherwise let your creativity run wild. It MUST BE AN ORIGINAL art card and NOT a print! Please make sure to include the title of your piece, your name & the date either on the back of the card or on an additional piece of paper.

5. Take a quick picture of the ACEO you made & send it to me by Friday July 24. This way, I can be sure everyone is getting their surprise. Once I have a photo of all of them, I'll blog about them & show them off so everyone can wonder which one they're getting!I think that covers everything. I want this to be enjoyable for everyone though, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below! This is my first swap, so I'm sort of just winging it!


H20works said...

Cool, cool, cool!!! I'm such an ACEO Addict, so excited about this swap! WOOHOO!!!


Almost Precious said...

Nice to see so much talent ! Wish I could do ACEO but that is not one of the talents that was granted to me. :(

SimaG Jewelry said...


YOU can count on ME.i am IN.


Deep Indigo said...

Very nice!! I've never done this, but I'll love to!!
I'll send you a convo...

Christie Cottage said...

Cool ACEOs!!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for posting on my BLOG BLAST thread!

Anonymous said...

Gonna jump on the band wagon. Sent you the email.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh that was from me.

RaShell said...

I'm in :) Sent you an email.

RaShell and

Bianca said...

Great idea!!!! I'm sending you an email.

Cabmgmnt said...

this is such a good idea...thanks for taking the time to post it

Amanda said...

I received mine from Doodlage when I got home from my vacation! :D It's beautiful - thanks Rashel!