Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Celebrate Canada with some handmade goodies!

Click on the pictures to view the item listings.

We didn't do much today. The weather was rainy, but we did manage to go to the park. Pat decided to bring every ball we had - a football, a soccer ball, a baseball, a bouncy ball (and a frisbee) ... it was a little ridiculous, but we played with everything. :) I made 2 felt cupcakes / pin cushions with pop bottle caps, and a Jell-O poke cake (cherry of course - and it was delicious).

What did you do for Canada day? Or, what are your plans for July 4th?

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mchen said...

Happy Canada Day, Amanda :) Sounds like you had a ball... ha ha! I did the usual Ottawa thing: saw music, did the fireworks — always good fun. I LOVE your felt cupcakes, btw... VERY VERY CUTE!