Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Gathering

We went home for the weekend for a surprise birthday dinner for my gramma's 75th birthday. The drive up was terrible - we drove through snow squalls for about 3 or 4 hours. We were stuck behind 2 plows for a good bit of the way:
Fun stuff.... NOT. At least by the time we hit North Bay it stopped snowing & Saturday was sunny & gorgeous:
A bit chilly with some snow on the ground, but a very nice weekend for a party.
My Auntie Caroline had these "masks" printed up of my grandma's face for the dinner - we all had them on when she arrived at the restaurant:
It was hilarious! She was definitely surprised & we had a great evening. I took some candid shots throughout the night:
What a sweetheart!

My goofy cousin Jeffrey - I didn't notice the cross-eyes until editing these photos!

My brother Matt showing our Auntie Caroline how he drove his busted up car after the moose hit it this summer.

Afterwards, we went to my grandma's for cake & family photos. Here's take 1:
Eddy's not looking!

OK... take 2:
Pat isn't looking! Pat! What the heck?!

Of course we didn't take another photo after that, so I edited Pat's head to look forward. I think it turned out just fine:
Back row: my dad, Auntie Cathy, Jack, pumpa, gramma, Terri-Anne & me
Middle row: John, mom, Auntie Caroline, Uncle Jody, Matt & Pat
Front row: Jaden, Edward, Dustin, Jeffrey & Jeremy

In case you don't know us, the family units are as follows: my gramma & pumpa had 3 girls: Cathy, Cindy & Caroline. Mom (Cindy) & dad had us 3 (Matt, Amanda & John). Auntie Caroline & Jody have Jeremy & Jeffrey. Auntie Cathy is with Jack. My brother Matt married Terri-Anne who had Dustin & Jaden & then they had Edward. Pat's with me.

So that's my family - you can check out my Flickr photostream for more photos & out-takes!