Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Holiday Cookie Challenge (Progress)

I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon in the kitchen baking. I made 3 different kinds of cookies. Once I get started, I just don't want to stop!

First, when flipping through the flyers this weekend, trying to figure out what we needed at the grocery store, I saw persimmons on sale everywhere. I've never had or bought persimmons before (I'm not even sure you can get them back home...), so I had to find out how you eat them. Apparently, they make delicious cookies - so how could I not try them out? Of course I didn't think to pull out my camera before I had the dough made, but I did snap a picture of the pretty orange pulp:
I used this recipe. I know, I know. It isn't a recipe from the Canadian Living cookie magazine I challenged myself to bake through... but how could I not try something new? I'm a sucker for trying new fruit & vegetables in particular.
The dough was silky smooth & the cookies turned out to be moist & flavourful (very similar to pumpkin cookies). I had no problems baking them... though the finished product has a greenish cast that is absent in the raw dough:
A friend told me this is normal, but I wonder why... I did find some recipes that mixed the baking soda into the persimmon pulp first (I didn't do this) - maybe that has something to do with it?

Next I made these Toblerone cookies:
Why yes, the first 2 ingredients are a very large chocolate bar & a pound of butter. For 15 cookies... These are BIG!
Just smush the Toblerone triangle into the round & wrap the dough up the edges:
These also turned out perfectly (with the oven 25F lower than called for):
Decadent - one cookies is definitely more than enough!

Finally, I made some ginger shortbreads.
This recipe called for "crystallized ginger." I found "sliced ginger" that was covered in sugar. I'm assuming they're the same...? But that combined with freshly grated gingerroot really gives these cookies a nice, bold flavour.
I loved how these baked up: one batch in a cake pan. With the parchment paper, they lifted right out. And scoring the square before makes cutting the fingers super easy:
My pan was smaller than the 9" recommended, so they're a bit thick. But that makes them moister than a typical shortbread. YUM!

A very successful baking session if you ask me! Stay tuned for more holiday baking!


Domestic Icing said...

Those look wonderful! (Especially the shortbread) Baking is kind of scary here in Denver -- the altitude can do funky things to cookies...Plus, I'm probably just not a very good baker, but the altitude is a convenient excuse :)

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

WOW - can I come over for coffee and cookies? They look great!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Well I'm impressed!!! As fast as I make anything someone is trying to eat it! There is no cookie storage here : (....sometimes I don't even get one! Great job!