Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Five

The next month is going to be crazy-busy & this week was no exception:
  1. I heard from the Makers' Market - I'm in the holiday craft show on December 4th. YAY! Now I have to prepare!!!
  2. Over the weekend, Pat & I carved the pumpkins I got from my dad's garden:We chose templates, I drew them on the pumpkins & we carved away. The skeleton is mine, the wolf, Pat's. I then roasted the seeds. There were so many from 2 little pumpkins - and they were SOOOOOO good, just as I remembered! (Remember the larger pumpkin that we got for free from Metro? Yeah, it was rotten by the time we got to it...)
  3. When I was baking earlier this week, I realized I had no honey. I went to the store with a handful of change from my wallet: $5.50. The price of the honey? $5.49. PHEW!
  4. I picked up some more dark nail polish, this time in Uptempo Plum, though it looks more black than purple:Recently, I've really started to love dark nails!
  5. I listed some new holiday mini notebooks - some great stocking stuffers!

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Dorana said...

those pumpkins are awesome! great job!

siempre - dorana