Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space

Just a quick one today: I'm determined to sew these last notebooks before I do anything else. This doesn't help with my motivation though:
I snapped the thread. Arg!

I also have these waiting on my desk for me: They used to be old Christmas cards; they're going to be shiny, sparkly globes.


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Sorry about the thread! That stinks!!
Can't wait to see the globes!

Helmitarha said...

Those circles look intriguing.

Bianca said...

Can't wait to see what those circles turn into!!!

ana @ i made it so said...

i'm curious about the circles as well. sounds like an intriguing use of old cards...

visiting from kootoyoo (and always happy to come across a fellow canadian and creative blogger as well!)

happy weekend!