Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space is finally clear of those custom notebooks it took me too long to finish (thank goodness for the patience of friends!). So here are some photos of the finished books (sorry for the bad photos... they were taken late at night while I was packaging).

This one is by far my favourite. It turned out so well! The fabric is perfect for a notebook & looks great with the chocolate brown ribbon ties. The ribbons are extra long & are attached at the spine so that they can be wrapped around the book a couple times to hold it shut.

This one is the same size (around 8x12") & also has watercolour paper pages:

The following 2 are approximately 6x9" - the first has cardstock pages:
And this one has recycled & new pages:
I really like how this one turned out too. The owl is there to let you know who's book it is & there's also a book plate on the inside cover:
I love how the spine looks with the coloured signatures:

Now I have to concentrate on preparing for my craft show - only a little over a week left!