Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Five

This weekend is my last free one before my craft show. Hopefully, I'll get more done than I usually do on weekends (sleeping in, cleaning up & running around eat up most of my time)... especially since this week wasn't super productive craft-wise. Here's what I was up to:
  1. Fat. I've been getting more fat samples lately, which means I have more experiments to run. Finishing my project up...
  2. I did sew together 3 of 4 coptic notebooks (that have been lingering for too long). Only one left to do - I WILL finish it today! Of the finished ones, this fabric-covered one with ribbon ties is my favourite:
  3. A friend requested some bird ACEOs - so I drew this little guy up yesterday:
  4. Last night I had dinner at my supervisor's with the other TAs. We discussed the students we teach for their midterm evaluations (which is on Tuesday). It's always nice to get together in a non-lab setting!
  5. I listed some new holiday tags - I love this set:
Have a great weekend everyone!


Deana Mattos said...

my notebook is utterly amazing
thanks so much

Pinecone Camp said...

love hand stitched books - you did an amazing job! Your gift tags are pretty great too.
Have a good weekend.

Dorana said...

oh my goodness! honey your books are becoming true works of art! i'm so proud of you!

siempre- dorana