Saturday, September 20, 2008


I snagged a treasury today! You can find it HERE. I featured the awesome artists (and my new friends) from the More Meaningful Gifts BnR. There's really a great bunch of people taking part in this BnR, so much fun to talk to! And we really help each other out ~ I'm featured in 2 treasuries made by 2 of the girls in the BnR. THIS ONE is by jvdarcy:
And THIS ONE is by Nickileigh:If you want to join this great group, click on the link above. However, we do use a new thread each day, so to make it a little easier to find us, just search "More Meaningful Gifts" when on the forums page. We should be right at the top of the list! Not only will you find great products, but you'll make a few friends along the way! I look forward to seeing you there ~ tell them Ulixis sent you!


CB said...

Congrats on the treasury! I seem to always miss them lol, oh well one of these times I say. ;)

GwynnsGifts said...

You seem to be in treasury heaven. That is so awesome.