Thursday, September 4, 2008

Featuring: Leafty

Leafty first caught my attention when I saw this cute little hedgehog in a treasury. Needle-felted animals are always so cute, but this little guy is to die for! Look at Gus's adorable little feet (that's right, his name is Gus)! Needless to say, he was immediately added to my favourites.

But Leafty doesn't only needlefelt. You can be sure that everything in shop is super cute though! Like these Russian doll magnets. I've seen these dolls all over Etsy recently, and Leafty's version are simply sweet. The flower one in red is my favourite.

There are two artists behind Leafty, cocoakoala and D.Platypus. They call themselves cuteaholics, which is obvious with only a quick glance at their shop. Their craftiness really has no limit. On top of needlefelted cuteness, and pretty little magnets, they also have some awesome sculptured friends made out of paper clay. I wasn't sure what paper clay was, but they were happy to oblige in their listings:

"What is paper clay? Paper clay is a non-toxic modeling material that can be sculpted, molded or shaped, and air dries. It's closer to normal clay but it's also similar to polymer clay and it allows you to give more detail to each sculpture."

This chubby little bird is just one example, and one of my favourites.

That isn't all you'll find in store. Honestly, these guys are crafty! There are some paintings, stickers, plush animals and rings. I really like this ladybug ring. Made out of shrink plastic and hand drawn, this ring is quite unique. I love the scalloped edge.

OK, that's all I'm going to show you for now. I don't want anyone overdosing on cuteness! But if you're in need for something sweet, make sure to check out Leafty. They have a website/blog you can check out too!


PAC said...

You can overdose us in cuteness anytime! I love cute!! Great post!

Vivian said...

Cool items! Thanks for the info. Great blog!