Sunday, September 7, 2008

No more pictures... UPDATE

NEVER MIND! Ha! A little persistence worked! Tried and tried and finally it worked! All my pictures are copying over as I write this! Yay!


No more pictures. Well, for around 2 weeks anyway. The adaptor for my cameras memory card is kaput. It just won't read the card anymore.

So... no new items, no fresh new pictures for in-store items (which is what I spent all Saturday afternoon taking), no new food/recipes, and no pictures of my latest sewing projects.

(Speaking of which, I made a super-cute envelope-style pillow case for my couch. And I've added some ribbon to the pockets of my labcoat. So, you'll have to wait to see those.)

But don't worry. No pictures does not mean I won't be updating my blog. I have a recipe post planned, and there are always tons of great Etsy sellers to feature.

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