Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Item of the day: Deconstruction Cups

I've been blog crazy today! So many different things to blog about!! But I mustn't forget the item of the day!

Today's item and shop was found through Pounce. This Etsy feature allows you to view brand new shops that haven't had a sale yet. I was struck by the simple beauty of these cups by rossedwardsdesign:They're so awesome... I want to drink my orange juice out of these each morning. Or my tea for that matter.

You should really check out these stunning hanging lamps by Ross as well. Absolutely breathtaking!


Debra said...

Those hanging lamps are awesome....

And I love the color of those cups too.

Kudzu said...

Great cups, love the items you feature. I was searching for button bracelets and found your blog, then found all kinds of awesome goodies. Great recipes,too,by the way.