Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7 Random things about me...

I'm excited! I've been tagged by BowerBirdz! That means you get to learn 7 random facts about me!

1. To start at the very beginning, like BowerBirdz did, I was born... blue. While my mom was in labor, she started to really complain of her contractions. The nurses were all talking, and thought she was exaggerating, and not yet that close to giving birth. So, without checking her, they sat her up, leaned her over, and gave her an epidural (shot in the back). Once she lied back down, they were surprised to see that mom had been sitting on my head the whole time! Mom only remembers them carrying off a blue things... then the drugs kicked in.

2. I was also born with my left toes touching my shin, my foot bent all the way forward. All mom had to do was stretch my foot down daily, and I was fine in a couple of months.

3. I used to get my (one year) older brother to play Barbie (he was Ken) and stuffed animals with me. I had lots of stuffed animals, but my favourites were the Simba and Nala (The Lion King) with magnets in their noses. We would almost always play school, and of course Simba was the cool one. Awesomly, I played Simba, and my brother played Nala. HAHAHA!

We would also played cars in the sandbox, making sand/mud houses, so my brother wasn't that warped.

4. I skipped grade 7 (and since we went to a small school, my brother and I were in the same class for grade 8). Then I did an honours co-op program for my undergrad, which was 5 years instead of 4, so I'm no longer the youngest in my class.

5. I met my boyfriend Pat on the bus to Canada's Wonderland, a trip they put on for the kids on the honour roll. This was right at the end of grade 10 (he was in grade 11, and so 2 years older than me). I didn't see much of him again until my friend James put on a party. Pat's sister (my age) wanted to go because she kind of had a thing for James, so Pat had to go. He's so glad he did though, because we spent the night talking and he got my number off my other friend (jellybeans) who had kind of been seeing his friend. hahahaha confused yet?

So, Pat and I have been together for just over 7 years. No, we're not engaged yet... tsh, what is he waiting for??? Just kidding! I know what he's waiting for: money for a ring!

6. I've only travelled outside of Canada once. I went to a smooth muscle conference in Providence, Rhode Island last year. Plus, I've only travelled outside of the province of Ontario a half dozen times or so, and only to Quebec (a few little towns a couple hours drive away from Nipissing, the township where Pat and I grew up, and once to Montreal for a trip with friends).

7. I'm a bibliophile. I love books. I collect books. Well, sort of. I just don't like giving them away after I've bought them. And I don't like just borrowing from the library, because I may want to read it again. It's becoming a problem, especially since we don't have much room in our small one-bedroom apartment!
(The Bookworm by Carl Spitzweg)

OK, there! 7 random (not-so-weird) things about me! It was a little harder coming up with things than I thought!

And now I get to tag 7 people... they are: jellybeans, Nickileigh, jvdarcy, furwillfly, Silver, Jessicajane, and lemondropstudio.


Shauna said...

Yay! Thanks for tagging me! How'd you find me? I will definitely do this when the kidlet goes down for a nap this afternoon!! Great blog, by the way!!


jessicajane said...

Too cute, loved the simba and nala story. My brother and I always played cars together too, but i always had to be the housewife and stay at home and cook. (evil, I know)