Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So this morning I checked where my hearts were... and I was sitting at 275. I decided to host a spur of the moment giveaway! The next 25 people who hearted me where entered into a draw for a really great prize! It didn't take long for me to make it to 300 hearts. With the help of a random number generator (#8 was chosen) I had a winner......


I was so pleased! This seller is super sweet, has a really cute bunny (with her own blog) and has a great shop. In fact, just the other day I bought this from her:
Isn't it a beautiful garland? Each star is tied to the next, so they can be given as little favours... but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to decorate my tree with it. And my living room the rest of the year.

So what did doublecatbatik win? Well, I haven't exactly decided yet, but it will include:
  • a set of my bacterial notecards
  • a set of mini notebooks
  • a piece of jewelry
  • the next Klimt goddess in my series!
Thanks to everyone who hearted me! I'm at 302 hearts now!

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