Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I've been working on..

Lucky me, I've been busy with custom orders this past month. I've already shown you the wine label I designed, but I've also been commissioned to make a wedding guest book, a lanyard & a half dozen paper globes for a birthday party. The latter is the latest, so I have nothing to show for it yet (just a stack of coordinating paper) but here's a peek at the other two I've been working on.

First the lanyard, since I just finished it yesterday. My good friend iWunder asked that it be beaded & multi-coloured (my choice of colours), with a little ring on it to attach a key ring & work ID badge. Here are all the bead links:
I always make about twice as many links as I need when I want a random pattern. It always seems to turn out better & more random that way. So I ended up with a beautiful necklace as well as the lanyard. I love long necklaces - especially when you can wrap them twice around your neck if the mood strikes. The leaf-shaped toggle clasp is pretty sweet too.

Next up is a custom guest book for another good friend of mine, Dorana. It's for her sister's wedding. I haven't started on the actual notebook yet since this notebook will contain a bunch of firsts for me: the first time I use coptic stitch:& the first time I cover a notebook with fabric. I've already learned some do's & don't's by making this prototype:The real deal will be covered in fabric Dorana is sending me - it will have damask & their initials embroidered onto it. So I really can't mess that up! Which means I'll be making another prototype over the next few days as I wait for the fabric to come in.
I'm really happy with how this first version turned out though. The flower-shaped eyelets are super cute! I'll keep you posted on my progress with prototype #2!

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Angie said...

You've been crazy busy!! Those little eyelets on the note book are adorable. I'm trying new thins this week too - and learning lots of "firsts" lol