Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Weekend

It's been pretty quiet on my blog this week - blame my long weekend. I've been catching up on sleep this week... sleep I never seem to get while in Verner.

Sleep is for losers.

I had a great time at home & I have no pictures to show for it. As usual. I'm always too busy to think about dragging my camera out. Oh well - you'll have to believe me that I was there & enjoyed the clear blue sky, fresh air & green, green grass. Indeed, it was nicer & hotter (30C on Monday!!!) there than it was 5 hours to the South, here in Hamilton. We really lucked out (especially since it sometimes snows on May 2-4)!

My brother's family lives down the road from my parents (like a 2 minute walk) & they had invited a bunch of friends over for the whole weekend. Tents, dirty clothes, empty glasses & bottles, kids & dogs all over the place! It was great! Friday night, my sister-in-law & I outlasted everyone - we went to bed around 6am.

Then I woke up at 8 with excruciating stomach pains. So bad I was forcing myself to throw up to make it feel better. Didn't help. I had to go to the hospital by 10:30 when I still wasn't feeling better. Not that they did anything. They stuck me in a back room in emerg since they didn't want me crying & groaning in the waiting room. I was left there for 2 hours - no one checked on me as I cried out in pain. Then, once the pain was pretty much gone, I got a shot of Gravol (in my thigh) & blood taken. The bloodwork was supposed to come back in an hour - 2.5 hours later, the nurse came in with orange juice & water. I was dehydrated & they wanted to see if I could keep it down. I hadn't vomited since I had gotten to the hospital at this point...... but the nurse didn't believe me that I was feeling better. The Gravol couldn't have worked that fast! (ummm.... in 3 hours? SURE! This nurse was SO dumb - just a blank look in her eyes - she didn't seem to believe a word I said about how I was feeling...). She asked me how it went with the OJ & water. I told her it tasted gross going down, so that didn't help my stomach, but I was fine. "OK, well, we'll have to put you on an IV then."

Wait. What??? After 5 hours of neglect I need IV NOW?!?!? Now that I'm peeing every 20 minutes (& very clear pee at that)?!???!?? I don't think so. Pat asked to see a doctor. Yep - after 5 hours I still hadn't seen a doctor. She came 30 minutes later, said there was a 24hr virus going around & my white blood count was high - but that could be because I'm dehydrated. So they were going to put me on IV for 2 hours, then do bloodwork again. Another 6 hours at the hospital? I DON'T THINK SO.

I left. I had only gone for the stomach pains - the one symptom they completely ignored. Awesome. I was feeling FINE by then anyway. Indeed, I stayed up until 2:30am with everyone else that night. More like an 8 hour virus that no one else caught ...... Not sure what it was - never happened before. And no, it wasn't alcohol - I've had MUCH more to drink than I did that night & we were drinking water for the last 2 hours. Plus, I've never, ever been sick off of alcohol or even had a hangover ...... weird is what it was.

And then Sunday night, we stayed up until 5am. Chilling by the fire (an illegal fire - there's a fire ban since it's so dry ... but my brother is a bit of an idiot sometimes. hehehe I mean that in the nicest way....), chatting with family & friends. It was really nice to just hang out - I love my family. I love that I get along so well with my sister-in-law & my younger brother's girl friend.

Sunday & Monday morning I woke up by 10 to help my parents with the garden. I love gardening! But as you can see, it didn't afford for much sleep this weekend. Which is fine - sleep is for losers.


H20works said...

Wow, that was some event in the hospital. Glad you are okay, keep an eye on that.

And from my standpoint, sleep is good. ;)

Love, Kat

Deana Mattos said...

sounds like such great family time
sorry about the hospital woes, I have a horror story like that too, not fun

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

SLEEP IS FOR LOSERS! (I tell myself something to that effect all the time!)

Why didn't you tell us about your hospital visit! Jeez..... Glad you are feeling better! DUMB hospitals! (I mean that in the nicest of ways!)