Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Five

Seriously? It's already Friday? Alright-y then...
  1. I planted 2 rows of onions & 2 rows of carrots in my dad's garden on Monday. Then we traveled back to Hamilton. Long weekends followed by a short week are the best!
  2. Had a lab meeting on Wednesday. We don't have them regularly & when we do it's mostly about my supervisor's clinical research (I'm the only one in the lab doing non-clinical work). It's always so interesting to see that side of things though, & I always end up learning something.
  3. It's been incredibly hot & humid here this week. Around 30C every day. I find the heat so tiring - I don't want to do or eat anything. Honestly, I'd take -40 over +40 any day. A couple of blankets is much more energy efficient than A/C - which we don't have here on the 7th floor anyway. This is the only time I don't mind facing North though: we might not get any sun to grow flowers, but we also don't have the heat that comes with it. In fact, our apartment is usually (slightly) cooler than the hallway, elevator & outside.
  4. I went shopping for supplies yesterday. I love shopping for supplies! I'm most excited about the rotary cutter with a deckler insert (that cuts paper so that it looks ripped). I also picked up some pinking shears - I've been looking for some forever! I got them on clearance - 75% off!!!! They're $60 scissors & I got them for $15! Score!
  5. I listed these darling dainty copper earrings:
Happy long weekend to all my US readers!

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