Saturday, May 29, 2010

Item of the day: Ziricote Bentwood Ring

This bentwood ring by stoutwoodworks is amazing! The turquoise inlay really shines in the dark ziricote rosewood. But this isn't your typical wooden ring - it isn't carved out of a block (with tons of waste & weak points due to the grain of the wood). Instead, they're carefully bent such that the grain runs all the way around the ring, making them very strong & beautiful.

I love wood - it has such a warm, organic feel that just makes you feel welcome. Maple is definitely my favourite - it really shines next to the walnut in this ring:
I really appreciate this art - my grandfather & uncles build cedar strip boats (Giesler boats) & bend wood to make the spines. Unfortunately, aluminum & fiberglass boats are mass-produced & cheaper (like carved wooden rings) so this is becoming a bit of a lost art...

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