Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just had the worst experience at the dentist... Normally, I don't mind going to the dentist - I never had cavities as a kid. Ever since finding a new dentist in Hamilton though... cavities, cavities, cavities. I wonder if there's something in the water???

(That was sarcasm. Clearly this guy just wants the money... especially seeing as how I had no cavities in October, but over half a dozen in the spring when the insurance is renewed... hmmm. I think I need to find a new dentist. It's too bad, I like this guy...)

So... let's make a list, shall we?
  1. The needles. Normally, I don't really feel them. They never bothered me - until today. Oh ... wow. OWWWW! Seriously, I started tearing up. When I rinsed my mouth, it was bloody... I can still feel where it went it.
  2. The topical goo that he uses to freeze before sticking the needles in. He missed wiping it all away & it slid down my throat. I could barely swallow, which scared me - I had to concentrate on not crying while I waited for it to freeze.
  3. The drill. OK, I didn't feel it except for one tiny deep spot on one tooth at the bottom. So he left that for after the top ones were filled in. Then back with the drill (he thought it wasn't frozen enough earlier - no. It was just a sensitive spot. He thought it was weird, was kind of chuckling over it....) & fill that one in.
  4. Drowning. After drilling the first time, the assistant goes to rinse out my mouth - and sprays the water directly down my throat. I choked & sat up, coughing. It was awesome. Later, I choke again because the suction thing isn't far enough in my mouth...
  5. Closing my mouth. So they were asking me a few questions & I answered. Then they filled a bit & asked a completely irrelevant question about the conversation in the other room ... the assistant didn't know the answer, but I did. So I answered (kind of, you know how you talk at the dentist with your mouth half open). They freaked out, had to wipe my tongue off & a really great bitter taste slid down my throat with the rinsing... tasted like bile. Perfect - now I felt like vomiting.
  6. Dental dam. I think that's what they called it ... something to bite onto so that I couldn't close my mouth again. hehehe BUT, I wish I had had that last time - it makes it so much easier on my jaw! So much less strain!
  7. The bridges. Again, I think that's what they're called - they slide between the teeth to serve as a mold when the tooth wall is missing. Except this is between teeth that are already being squeezed out of place by my remaining 2 wisdom teeth... it did not feel like it would fit. It felt like the tooth was going to come out...
  8. The next appointment. I have 2 more on the lower right apparently, but my insurance will only cover the one. "Would you like a quote for the other one?" No, no I would not. I will call if it starts hurting.
  9. The payment. "So that'll be $150 for the fillings." Ummmmmmmm... what? I didn't bring my wallet - I didn't have to pay last time for my fillings. She consults with the other receptionist ("Is it only for RCs?" "Yes.") - OK, see you later then.
With any luck, that will be the last time I go there!


Deana Mattos said...

good grief, sounds awful
glad you are done, get some rest

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

That just STINKS!!! 6 cavities since October? Hmm..... Sort of funny if you ask me!

Mami Made It said...

OMG, please find another dentist! That's a crook! Good work is better than good looks (or funny small talk)!

Anonymous said...

The moment I read your post I was left wondering are those people even qualified to be dentist? I mean seriously, that's one of the worst experiences I ever heard of. I think you should try to find another qualified dentist with a good reputation in your area. Pay Per Click Services