Friday, October 2, 2009

MMG Friday: ShopRedLeaf

Welcome to my new blog feature - MMG Friday! Each Friday, I'll be showcasing a shop from the supportive MMG BnR (More Meaningful Gifts Buy and Replace - a thread in the Etsy forums where I spend most of my day). And just to show you how close our MMG family is, I'll have a few testimonials for you from real people who've tried these products.

Today's featured shop is our original MMG boy, ShopRedLeaf (also known as Chris). His shop is stocked with wonderful bath & body products with an emphasis on men. Nice men's products are hard to find, so be sure to add this shop to your favourites so that you'll be covered this holiday season!

Bubble Bath Dough - that's right, dough - it's solid! I've tried this bubble bath & it works great. You just scoop some out & it foams up really well. The lavender & basil lime ones smelled so good!
BELLACOSAART: my one daughter has sensitive skin so I cannot use traditional soaps or bubbles for her. I got his bubble bath and it works nice, gives them some fun bubbles but no bad skin reactions.

Men's Shaving Soap with Stand - these look like glycerin, but they aren't - their base is coconut oil, so they last much longer & produce a nice lather. The flat face of the cube makes it easy to lather up too. And the cute little stand keeps it from getting soggy!
Dorana: he was kind enough to make my future sister in law a wonderful bath set and numbered the packages for the surprise! It was SO fun watching her open them. She LOVES her shave cube and adores the orange fragrance! My future mother in law is STILL raving over how her bathroom smells like a spa from the incredible gift set that he sent her for her birthday!

Men's Shaving Gift Set - if you're looking for a gift (for men or women) look no further than these gift sets! A perfect combination - all men's sets come with a shave cube, stand & lotion (and check out the women's sets too)!
karalennox: I've tried all kinds of lotions for the dry skin on my arms. Most lotions, even very pricey ones, make my skin break out, but Red Leaf's lotion just leaves my skin soft, and it stays hydrated all day. Plus, the smell is divine.
marinebiochic07: I have purchased items from Red multiple times as stocking stuffers and gift sets. Everyone has raved about the items. They love the scent and the quality. I have also gotten to use some of the beeswax lotion from his shop and it is amazing! I have the plumeria scent which is great and the lotion is so silky and soft. It absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling soft without being greasy. This is a huge plus for someone who has their hands in salt water everyday!

Long Lasting Linen Spray - you can enjoy the great scents of ShopRedLeaf in more than just the bathroom! Use this linen spray to freshen up your sheets, blankets, curtains, couch, pillows...


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

You are a sweetheart! Nice feature!

H20works said...

Such a nice feature and a great tribute to MMG! You rock Amanda! :)


marinebio_chic07 said...

Awesome feature on Chris!

YarnCoture said...

Great feature! I've been meaning to try out Red Leaf's room spray..I bet it smells wonderful!

Anonymous said...

beautiful products! :)

Kara Lennox said...

Great feature on Red!

HeartOnSleeveArt said...

i hearted so many otems in reds shop ! cant wait to shop from him for xmas gifts!