Thursday, October 15, 2009


Soooooooooooo ANGRY right now! The hospital on campus is making us move labs (the lab I TA) because the old lab is being turned into offices for nurses. We were told we'd move straight to our new lab & given at least a week's notice before we had to move.

Yesterday, my supervisor received an email telling us we HAD to move by next week - to a temporary location (that isn't even in the hospital, though our new lab will be)!!!!! Um.... excuse me?

There was a meeting today to talk about it & we HAVE to move after lab next Wednesday. To the temporary location, only to move again in a couple months. ARG!

PLUS - we have muscle baths & a patch-clamp rig to move - both require a lot of work to take down, set up & calibrate.

PLUS - the lab I TA is a radioligand binding experiment using tritium. There are a lot of safety precautions we need to take because of this, plus I need a special "radioactive area" with a bench, hood & sink. The radiation guy was around yesterday & it's a big deal to get everything safe, decommissioned & recommissioned. The temporary location BETTER be ready for me...

This is so NOT a simple pick-up & move (like I'm sure the hospital execs assume). What a nightmare. :(

It's awesome that the hospital cares more about itself than about the students who are actually paying for it...

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