Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Item of the day: Once Bitten

Ever since high school, I've been obsessed with Anne Rice (well, her books anyway). I love her vampire chronicles & Lestat is my absolute favourite. He's a real vampire - not like that Edward fellow & all these crappy new series (sorry Twilight fans, I'm way biased - besides Anne Rice actually write for adults).

Anyway, in high school, I bought a sweet black velvet cape & some teeth (only the 2 fangs, not a whole set of teeth) & went as Lestat. I looked awesomely freaky. So, ever since, a vampire has been my go-to Halloween costume. I actually don't usually dress up unless friends convince me to go to a costume party. Happened once in undergrad (I went as a vampire) and it's happened again this year. So... I'll be a vampire! Easy.

But Pat'll be there too this year ... and he doesn't have a creative bone in his body. He has no costume (& doesn't appear to be thinking of getting one). We're running out of time - the party is Friday. So he'll probably just go as my "victim". I wonder if I could convince him to wear a necklace like this sweet one from Jenifersfamilyjewels...?

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