Monday, October 5, 2009

ACEO-X (2.0): Autumn

It's time for our second ACEO exchange! Are you ready?

Our first one was a great success! This time we're going to have 3 weeks to sign up - that means you have until October 23rd to recruit all your friends! Everyone is welcome! Then, like last time, there will be 2 weeks to create an original ACEO - which means your ACEO is due November 6. I decided to add an extra week for signing up so that the due date would be a week after Halloween. Since that's a busy time of year for most of us.

This time, considering the feedback from ACEO-X (1.0), I thought a theme would be fun. THE THEME IS AUTUMN / THANKSGIVING. Please create your ACEO around this theme, but it is open to interpretation.

You can find details, up-to-date announcements and ACEO-X (1.0) submissions on my website: HERE.

Here are THE RULES:

1. Create an ORIGINAL ACEO. It must be 2.5" x 3.5" (in either orientation). NO prints, reproductions or photos (although photo elements may be used in your design) - please put in lots of love and effort so that you would be proud enough to give your artwork as a gift or sell it in your Etsy shop.

2. Sign-ups will be open for 3 weeks. Feel free to help me get the word out - the more people in the swap, the more fun it is! After sign-ups, I'll randomize the shops & let you know who you are sending your ACEO to (this won't be the same person you're getting an ACEO from). Please keep the partnering a secret - the anticipation is the best part!

3. You have 2 weeks to create you ACEO. Please make sure to include the title of your piece, your name, the date & ACEO-X (version 2.0) on the back of the card (or on an additional piece of paper).

4. Take a photo of your ACEO & email it to me by November 6. This allows me to ensure everyone has participated. These photos will be archived in the Submissions lists at the top left. I'll also use these photos in a blog post so you can wonder which will be yours (and comment when you get yours)!

5. You have one additional weekend to package up the ACEO & send it off. Please be prompt! It's unfair to your partner if you delay. You may ship your ACEO out ahead of time, but waiting the full 2 weeks allows me to make adjustments to the partnering if someone happens to drop out.

6. Please let me & your partner know that you've received your ACEO. You can do this in one shot by commenting on my blog post showing all the ACEOs in the exchange. You can refer to the Submissions lists on my website to see if your partner has received theirs.

7. To sign up: send me your name, Etsy shop & blog links (if you have them), email address & mailing address via Etsy convo or email (


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...


Count me in!!!!!!!!

Going to post this on my blog now!!!!

H20works said...

WOOHOO!!!!! It's on! had a blast on the last exchange!


Kate said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait!

Melissa H. said...

Oh, man. I just got the e-mail...a day late!

If you still need swappers, please count me in!

donnarose said...

I was late coming in but Uli let me participate. Have it done and ready to ship but may change my mind and do another.

Melissa H. said...

Woo HOO! I'm in and got my card done. Photo is snapped and sent to Uli!

I can't wait to see all the ACEOs this time around!!