Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We traveled up North for Thanksgiving, as usual, and I had a great time! Saturday night there was a dinner & party for Pat's aunt & uncle's 25th anniversary. Then Sunday we spent the day with my family & had a big turkey dinner.

Of course, I brought my camera & barely used it. Here are the only pictures I took of actual people... I'll post those of Marigold later in the week.
My nephew Eddy almost fell asleep in his turkey dinner. He slept a bit on a pillow on the ground after supper, but soon woke up to sit on grandpa's lap - only to fall asleep again. What a sweetheart! .... and no, my dad isn't asleep too, I just caught him with the flash. hehehe
After his nap, Eddy had to show me his Halloween costume.
Doesn't he make a cute Winnie the Pooh?

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jessicajane said...

so cute!!! your post is making me super happy for the holidays!