Monday, July 31, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Week 29 + 30

It doesn't look like I've kept up with my daily practice... but since I'm using my craft room again, I'm working in many different books at the same time: whichever sketchbook I feel inspired to work in. Here, I'll continuing to only post the pages that I've completed in my "daily" sketchbook, but there is lots more (coming up later).

7/18 Melon Splash

7/19,20+21 Honeydew... Honey, Don't
To explain the title - I was pretty in love with this page but thought it needed a bit more black. What if I drip some ink? No. Not a good "what if"... ah well. You win some, you lose some.

7/22+24 Moody Shifts

7/24 Confetti

7/26 Six Month Old Baby Lafond (decorations from the diaper cake at my shower)

7/27 Summer Fever

7/29 Leading the Way

Materials used:
  • assorted papers (scrapbooking, handmade, recycled, magazine pages, ephemera)
  • paint
  • stickers
  • ribbon
  • India ink
  • white Sharpie paint pen
  • black pen

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