Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Pastel Dots

Since I've felt especially inspired lately, I've found myself working in many different sketchbook / art books at the same time. That includes my altered Amber book, a book I am determined to finish this year. That should be doable: there are only six spreads to complete... eight if you count the two that I want to glue together for stability (to prevent the pages from ripping further and because the book is already so full you can't close it). Two of the six remaining spreads are blank (the inside covers) and the other four have a layer of paint as a starting point.

Here is the progression of the last page I recently worked up. I started this page ages ago: with leftover paint from this piece and the gender reveal cards I made (almost a year ago). Earlier this month, I got back to this page and added the following collage plus washi tape:
I toned it all down with a thin layer of gesso:
I broke out paint for the next layer - adding lots of texture with stencils (light blue dots and triangles), stamps (pink and purple circles), my fingers (white and yellow dots) and brushes (dark blue dots and lines). I used patterned tissue paper for more texture. I wasn't sure what to do next, so I darkened the edges (using a black gelato stick) because I knew I at least wanted that done:
The page sat for a bit. Finally, I decided to experiment with the gelatos. I added a bit of colour here and there to sort of bring the separate elements together. I also went with the dependable ink splatter (in both black and white.. although the white is paint, not ink).
I'm not sure if this spread is done yet.. it doesn't exactly feel done. But nothing else is really speaking to me yet, so I've moved on to work on one of those last six pages in this book. Maybe I'll come back to it... we'll see if something strikes me.

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