Saturday, July 8, 2017

5 Months Old

Marc is now 5 months old. These photos almost didn't happen (as it is, they were taken a few days late): we were on vacation at my parents' and that week was especially gloomy. With the strange setting and dim light, I had little hope of capturing anything worth posting. But - perhaps not so surprisingly given the subject - I ended up with a few keepers.
This month, Marc figured out how to roll over - front to back, back to front, he is rolling all over the place! He's also wiggling and stretching and lifting onto his toes... so it won't be long before he's really on the move! He absolutely mastered grabbing and grasping toys, so he's playing more than ever. We alternate between the two play mats, the crib and now the jumperoo. He isn't bouncing much in it yet, but loves to bang away on all the toy instruments.

Marc continues to sleep the night and is now a solid napper (we'll be transitioning to his crib in the coming week). He started eating some solids this month: homemade rice cereal to start. He eats two heaping tablespoons twice a day - such a good little eater! I'm really looking forward to exposing him to all sorts of new flavours.
Marc did very well on our vacation - we spent a week and a half alternating between our parents' homes. Although our schedule was a little off (Marc started waking for a 4AM feed again), he still slept well, ate well and greatly enjoyed all the attention. In fact, I think he's missing that interaction now that we're home alone again. So, starting next week, we're going to attend some drop-in sessions and mother/child classes in order to continue exposing Marc to new people, places and experiences. It is so much fun watching him learn and grow!  

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