Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My New Espresso Pot

One thing I miss the most about working is my weekly - ok, fine, near-daily - coffee shop americano or latte. There's just something about that extra richness espresso lends that turns a cup into a ritual.
I first heard about Bialetti espresso pots on Smitten Kitchen. Her dilemma of the daily expense for good coffee stuck with me and when I saw a display of the pots at the mall a month or so ago, I dragged Pat over to take a look. I told him I wanted one for my birthday; the 6-shot size should do. Two days later: there's my pot! Sneaky Pat ordered it for me on Amazon and had it delivered. (Romantic or tired of making early weekend morning Starbucks runs? I'll let you decide.) Now I get to enjoy delicious coffee from the comfort of my own kitchen!
It couldn't be easier: fill the bottom with water, fill the strainer with espresso grinds and let it percolate over a low flame. This size of pot - 6 shots - is perfect for 2 americanos. If I'm making one mug, I only fill the strainer halfway with grinds.
Add a bit of cream and there's really nothing better first thing in the morning... or late morning... or early afternoon...

Speaking of early afternoon coffee... I need to try making an iced americano immediately!  

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