Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo-An-Hour: Last Days Off

Seeing as this was my last week off, I really wanted to make the most of it. As a way to remember these carefree months without a job, I decided to document my day on Wednesday with a photo an hour, a photo-journaling technique I first saw on the Dainty Squid.

9AM: reading with a mug of tea

10AM: blogging and a bagel breakfast

11AM: packaging an order and taking care of some business online 

12PM: my tote, ready to go to the post office and skating

1PM: at the rink

2PM: leftover mac'n'cheese for lunch (along with some more reading)

3PM: brainstorming ideas for the Sketchbook Project Collaboration

4PM: sketchbook and canvas collages

5PM: cleaning up the kitchen and baking cookies (out of a box but still tasty)

6PM: starting supper a bit early to let it simmer

7PM: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while waiting for Pat to get home
As excited as I am to start working (and to start seeing some money come in!), I'm really going to miss being off. I love the leisurely time spent at home, crafting, baking and reading, not to mention the freedom to go skating at noon. Still, the income will allow for different luxuries - such as our nice new apartment! Only 2 more weeks before we get the keys!

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Angie said...

Very cool to see your day in hour segments! Yes, you will enjoy the income and all the freedoms and less worrying with it :)