Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ACEO-X (5.0)

ACEO-X (5.0)

I'm hosting the 5th round of ACEO-X! The first 4 exchanges were completely successful and a lot of fun for everyone involved. Hopefully you'll be able to join us this time around and add another fabulous ACEO to your collection (or perhaps start one off).

If you're unsure what an ACEO is, check out my webpage for more information. Basically, it is a mini collectible piece of art and must be 2.5" x 3.5".

The purpose of this exchange is to make an original ACEO and swap it with another ACEO-X member. The partnering will be kept secret. I expect you to send me a photo of your ACEO - I'll be blogging these so that everyone can see your lovely creations and wonder which is coming their way. The submissions for ACEO-X (1.0), ACEO-X (2.0)ACEO-X (3.0) and ACEO-X (4.0) can be seen by following those links.

There is no theme for this exchange.

The schedule:
  • October 3 - October 10 : 1 week to sign up
  • Thursday October 11 : partners assigned
  • October 11 - October 25 : 2 weeks to create an ACEO
  • Friday October 26 : deadline for sending me a photo of your ACEO and shipping it off to your partner

Interested? Want to join?

To sign up, send me the following information via Etsy convo (Ulixis) or email (
  • name
  • email address
  • mailing address (so that I can give it to your partner)
  • Etsy shop / blog links, if any (for my blog posts)
I will use the email address to send you your partner information and to remind you to ship on the deadline. If you don't think you can make an ACEO in 2 weeks and send it off by October 26, please don't sign up! Also remember to take a look at the rules below for more information.

The rules:

1. Create an ORIGINAL ACEO. It must be 2.5" x 3.5" (in either orientation). NO prints, reproductions or photos (although photo elements may be used in your design) - please put in lots of love and effort so that you would be proud to give your artwork as a gift.

2. Sign-ups will be open for 1 week. Feel free to help me get the word out - the more people in the swap, the more fun it is! After sign-ups, I'll randomize the participants and let you know who you are sending your ACEO to (this won't be the same person you're getting an ACEO from). Please keep the partnering a secret - the anticipation is the best part!

3. You have 2 weeks to create you ACEO. Please make sure to include the title of your piece, your name, the date and ACEO-X (version #) on the back of the card (or on an additional piece of paper).

4. Take a photo of your ACEO and email it to me by October 26. This allows me to ensure everyone has participated. These photos will be archived in the Submissions lists on my website. I'll also use these photos in a blog post so you can wonder which will be yours (and comment when you get yours)!

4. You must ship your ACEO to your partner by October 26. Please be prompt! It's unfair to your partner if you delay. You may ship your ACEO out ahead of time, but waiting the full 2 weeks allows me to make adjustments to the partnering if someone happens to drop out. You must be open to international shipping!

5. Please let me and your partner know that you've received your ACEO. You can do this in one shot by commenting on my blog post showing all the ACEOs in the exchange.

6. To sign up: send me your name, Etsy shop and blog links (if you have them), email address and mailing address via Etsy convo or email (

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