Monday, October 15, 2012

Sketchbook Pages: Fertile Grounds

I started this altered book page Friday. It still isn't finished though since we had a busy weekend apartment hunting (we signed an application for a place - fingers crossed we get it!). I'll get to completing the page today, but here are my initial steps anyway:
I started with a page that already had paint on it. This is how I use up leftover paint when I'm working on a piece - just smash it into a sketchbook and use it for inspiration later. Friday, I was feeling these pretty blues and greens.

Since we'll be moving in a month or so, I'm trying to use up some of my supplies - especially my huge stash of paper scraps. So I figured random stripes of blue paper would be a good start for this page.

Next I used a sponge and titanium white paint to stencil some random alphabet sections. I also started my next step - collage - before taking the photos above (and started the step after that - masking tape - before taking the photos below... it's so hard to stop and take pictures when you're on a creative roll!).
As I said, collage was my next step, again, trying to use up some hoarded supplies. I knew I wanted to include a short phrase on the page and that it was going to start on the collaged circle above. While sorting through my things, I found some metal letters and randomly chose an F.

F? What starts with F? Hmmmm... I immediately thought of "faith" but paged through an old dictionary anyway. "Fertile" jumped out at me so I cut out its definition and added it to the page:
I added masking tape for the phrase I'll write - it will continue onto that flap that I'll attach with eyelets.

Since taking these photos, I've added some layers of paint and am ready to add a bit more collage to finish it up. Of course, I'll post photos once I do!

Use up some hoarded supplies today!

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Deana Mattos said...

I have been loving your new projects. I have been collecting vintage books and some sheet music. I really want to try more of this. I should definitely try to use up some hoarded supplies. I have plenty.