Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Creative Space

Besides the sketchbook page I showed you on Monday, I've been working a lot on my Sketchbook Projects. I'm only just getting started on my own and, of course, I can't show you much more than this from the collaborative one before I send that book back to Angie:
I must say though - this project is SO inspiring!

I've also been working away in my 366Pages notebook - here's a quick look at that:
So much fall goodness! I'm quite pleased with how many items I've been able to cross of my goal list too - it's been such a busy month!

Lastly, here are a couple quick sketches from my everyday journal:
That last one is inspired by the book I'm reading - the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I'm on #6: Song of Susannah. This one line from the novels needed to be drawn: "See the turtle of enormous girth, upon his back he carries the earth." (more or less in those words).

I love my sketchbooks! I think I'll have to pick up a smaller one for when I'm commuting... I always like to have one on me for those impromptu bolts of inspiration.

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Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Ooh I wish I could see inside that first one Amanda! I love looking through artist sketchbooks, they reveal so much about the individuals thought processes - endlessly fascinating. I bought 'Drawn In' curated by Julia Rothman last year, it's fantastic and intriguing.
Alisa : )

Katherine said...

I love the turtle sketch!